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Thank you Dave!

District II is fortunate to have many notable members among its ranks. From the time of AMA’s inception in 1936 to today, numerous District II members have made great achievements and indelible marks on our hobby. Among the most notable of these individuals is Dave Mathewson who will be retiring as AMA’s Executive Director in April of 2018.

Dave and Ginger Mathewson attending an AMA Club event.

Dave Mathewson brought to the office of AMA Executive Director an extraordinary skill set and record of accomplishment. Dave’s understanding of both the modeling and full-scale worlds lead to AMA alliances with other aviation organizations. AMA is well served today by these important relationships.

Under Dave’s guidance as AMA president, and later as Executive Director, AMA established new relationships with national associations and signed Memorandums of Understanding with organizations including NASA, The Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). His insight with FAA matters has been an exceptional benefit to our members.

We thank Dave for all that he’s done to advance and protect our hobby and our members right to fly.And above all, for being a great friend to so many. The best to Dave and Ginger on a very happy retirement and more time to enjoy flying.

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