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District II Safety Corner

Assoc. Vice President &

Safety Coordinator

Al Kanser

163 Hudson Rd. 

New Lisbon, NY 13415


I started modeling and flying aircraft in my teens - a real long time ago. After a few years life intruded and my interests went off on various tangents until 1988 when I returned to aircraft modeling and especially R/C. I started coordinating events and fly-ins around 1992 and have been hard at it ever since. I was appointed District II AMA Safety Coordinator by Dave Mathewson when he served as AMA District II Vice president and have served under both Gary Fitch and Eric Williams. Those that have met me know that I am neither unbendable in my beliefs nor can I be referred to as the " Fun Police". My only concern is that we have fun with our hobby (read obsession) and do it safely. 


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