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Club Trainers and FAA Registration

Does your club have trainer aircraft? Here are two solutions, approved by the FAA and provided by AMA's Chad Budreau, to meet the FAA's registration labeling requirements.

1. The easiest solution is for a club leader to place his or her number on all of the trainers. The club leader does not need to be present when the model is flying. If there is an incident that involves an FAA investigation, the FAA typically focuses on the “Pilot In Command” and not on the person who lent their registration number.

2. The club can use a disposable or replaceable label that is changed depending on the instructor or student. Some clubs use masking tape that can be easily removed. Other clubs use plastic and a dry-erase marker.

Visit this video that shares more information for clubs. The 7:58 minute mark specifically discusses club trainers:

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