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District II National Model Aviation Day Fly-In is Almost Here!!!

With just a few dys to go the AMA District II, National Model Aviation Day Fly-In is about to open on August 16-17, 2014. The event marks the 12th year District II has sponsored a "District Fly-In." With the opportunity of the second annual National Model Aviation Day (NMAD), and the availability of the historic Calverton Executive Airpark (AKA Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant, Calverton and Grumman Calverton Plant) the location is a great venue for celebrating both NMAD and the historic significance of the Grumman plant and airfield.

The NMAD event is hosted by the Long Island Aeromodelers Association (LIAMA), an officially chartered AMA Chapter. Event organizers are working to provide flying areas for all forms of model aviation. With an estimated 1500 plus AMA members within the immediate region, and strong support from the local community, the event promises to be among the largest ever of the annual District II Fly-Ins.

For more information visit the District II National Model Aviation Day Fly-In website.

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