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Hillsborough New Jersey Township Receives Donation from Atoms RCers

Members of the Atoms RCers recently attended a Township Committee meeting to present a donation to the Hillsborough Community Assistance Network. Hillsborough CAN is a local organization that provides food and necessities to financially struggling families in Hillsborough. It stocks canned goods, other non-perishable food items, baby supplies, household cleaning supplies, paper products and personal hygiene items. Residents of Hillsborough who want to make a difference in their community can donate their time and talents by volunteering through the Hillsborough CAN. Prospective volunteers may volunteer to organize food drives, bag groceries, coordinate special events and much more. If you want more information about the organization or to learn more about volunteering opportunities please contact Hillsborough CAN at (908)-369-3880 or visit the Township website at Pictured above (L-R): Atoms RCers Glenn Geschwinder, RCers President Warren Moser, Jason Cline, and Adam Beder, Ron Skobo Director of Social Services and Mayor Doug Tomson


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