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AMA Mobile RC Experience a Hit at the WRAM Show

Making its first appearance in District II, AMA's Mobile RC Experience was a big hit at the 2014 WRAM show. With five simulator stations and a large LED monitor for displaying model aviation videos, the trailer saw non-stop activity Friday, Saturday and Sunday on WRAM Show weekend, February 21-13, 2014. According to AMA Vice President for District II, Eric Williams, " All five simulators were in constant use and frequently lines formed to enjoy the action." " We expected the trailer would be popular with kids, but surprisingly an equal number of adults lined up for virtual flying.

The Mobile RC Experience trailer was on a multi-stop tour when it visited the WRAM show. After WRAM the trailer made it's way to Perry, Georgia for the annual Georgia Aircraft Molders Association’s Southeastern Model Show - SMS. The trailer then headed to Florida for other modeling events. Custom built for demonstrations and public events, the trailer was made possible by a NASA grant.

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