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The TriCounty RC Club of NJ's, Indoor Youth Flying Program

The TriCounty RC Club of NJ is a 90+ member club involved in all aspects of radio control model aviation. Chartered with AMA, the club was formed 45+ years ago in 1968! One of its main activities is to train new pilots in RC flight, and this has always been a free offering to all club members for however long it takes. Beginning in January 2013 the club began a new indoor program at Metuchen, NJ’s middle school for students and their parents 10 years old and up. This program is a twice a week event, 2 hours of RC flight on Sunday mornings and 2 hours of model building on a weekday evening.

The TriCounty club not only provides a robust training and building program, club members have presented before the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, promoting the educational and scientific contributions of model aviation. AMA clubs can utilize the TriCounty club's approach and methods as a template for building their own educational programs. Read more about it in the TriCounty RC Club Indoor Youth Flying Program document.

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