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Aviator Re-discovers Modeling and Launches Web Blog

It had been 35 years since Mike O'neill was actively engaged in the world of model aviation. A successful career sidetracked him a bit including service in the Marine Corps Presidential Helicopter Squadron, HMX-1. Finding himself in retirement, Mike's brother suggested he start a blog as a means of sharing his experiences with other like-minded aviation and model building folks.

Mike launched FlyBoyzblog into the aviation blog-o-sphere to see if it would take wing and fly. Mike says of his blog, "I don’t yet know where this flight may lead but I do know it will be exciting! Aviation and model building have brought me many years of enjoyment throughout my life and I hope this blog will allow you to share in some of that continued enjoyment."

Fortunately for us, Mike preserved some of his early modeling photos, including those from a control line contest in 1970. District II applauds Mike for his efforts to support and promote model aviation, and especially sharing his memories with all of us!

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